Learn All About What is a Scaffold?

Scaffold is a construction which is temporary to use in the construction sites and that kind of places as a support access. It is platform for working for the labourers which have many safety issues. The situation in which the need of a scaffold is formed is when the labours cannot work by standing in the ground and has to uplift themselves by using certain accessories. The finished floor works gets over in almost all the construction works so that to build the scaffold is a common practice by the construction workers from different parts of the world. The different elements used for the making of scaffolds are termed as scaffolding that includes tubes, couplers, frames and other materials which is strong and tensile in nature. There are different acts and other statutes formed by the legislative bodies of each country in respect to the safety measures of scaffolds


The most common use of such staging is that the elevation and support is given to the workers in order to make their work easier. The construction, repair, cleaning, maintenance, and such all other activities can be done by using such elevated platforms. How the scaffolds are created in the most crucial part in this since the minor mistakes can result in fatal accidents. Generally one or more planks are used with different types of support. It is important to be noted that the planks must be of convenient size and length which can be used on the basis of each purpose.  

The elevated platforms have to be made by using the planks which are strong and tensile so that it can bear the weight of a normal person on it. In many places the timber is also used for make such scaffolds. What makes the timber scaffolding different is that the planks are supported by the timber frames and the erection is possible. There can be vertical posts or horizontal posts or longitudinal posts all which are termed as ledgers. What is the main purpose of ledgers is to support the transverse members. A cross barking is also important here.  

The erected setting is of different kinds which have differences in the way they are not created as well as the purpose nor which they are used. Among that the trestle support is very common since it is made on large areas in case of height adjustment is not needed. There are certain special designs for the making of trestle designs which are usually simple wooden sawhorses used by the carpenters. But it is very significant to be noted that the special trestles are made in such a way that they can be adjusted to a height of from seven feet to eighteen feet. That is about two metres to five metres.  

The scaffolds are very common in the construction sites which are used to uplift the workers to heights with certain safety measures. The scaffolds are of different types like timer scaffolding or trestle support which vary on the basis of form and use.

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