Cleaning the Car at Home

If we travel often we may have to use cars. We feel more comfort in clean and neat car. A clean car must not mean the outer body cleanliness only. A car should be clean both inside as well as outside. Keeping a car clean requires regular care attention. The most important is cleaning the outside parts of our car. The exterior cleanliness gives an attractive look to our car while the interior gives comfort and health.

We can clean the can at home by using the light car shampoo. A soft cloth or sponge will help us to remove the dirt with the help of shampoo solution. A good glass cleaning solution will help us to clean the wind shield and other glass portions well. If requires we can go for a wax finishing also. Machine and power cleaning are also available with professional cleaners. Now waterless cleaning using chemical powders also came into effect. Power cleaning using high pressure water is a common method. Wheel cups and under body are to be taken care. There will be more must and soil in that area so we must clean them with care if possible by high pressure spray water. The engine room may not be cleaned by using water or excess pressure. We can use diesel spay to clean this area.

We could clean the dash boards by using light car shampoo solution. Before cleaning the inner side of the car we must remove the floor mats outside. The floor mats can be cleaned by using any soap solution and brush. Remember not to use this for our car cleaning since it may damage colour and finishing. Upholstery may be cleaned by using soap lather. We must be careful not to damage audio or video players

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