Cleaning the Personal Computers

We use computers in our daily life. Computers are a place where lot of dust and dirt are formed. As sophisticated equipment we find difficulty in cleaning these. We clean these by using isopropyl alcohol. We can clean our personal computers whenever we find those have dirt or dust. Usually computers attract dust and tiny particles to it. The computer screen and the central processing units and the cabinet may have static energy. This is the main reason for attracting dust. We see the back wires also attract lot of dust due to this. We may clean at least once in a month according to the condition. The intensity of the dust is depended upon the room condition. So the room where computers are kept should be clean and dust proof.

Before cleaning a computer we must remember to switch off the power. We can clean the computer parts one by one. The monitor screen can be cleaned by using the solution and wiping with soft cloth or cotton. Key boards are a place for dust and dirt. We may clean the key board by using a vacuum cleaner or by hands. The dirt can be removed by using isopropyl spirit. The pressure air spray also can be used to clean the computers.

Compressed air is used to clean this. The outside cabinet of the central processing unit can be cleaned by using a neat cloth. Inside the cabinet also can be cleaned after opening the doors by unscrewing it. Here we do not try to clean by wiping or using any liquids. We can either use a compressed air gun or a vacuum cleaner. Accumulated dust should be removed carefully. We can use cotton buds dipped in spirit to clean circuit. Back wires are to be cleaned and tied together.

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