Clean and Tidy Kitchen for Healthy Family

The basic lessons for the environmental cleaning are taught from our home. Clean and neat house is an essential part for a healthy family. If all the family members are ready to clean their home it is not a big task. Cleaning by sharing the work is good habit to be formed among the members. Dust or humid is a good place for bacteria and other germs. Smart and regular cleaning methods to be adopted for house cleaning. Cleaning of house is starting from cleaning of our dishes to toilets. We must keep everything clean in order to say our house is a clean one.

Dishes and cooking vessels can be cleaned by using soap solutions. Machine or hand wash can be done. In both the ways oil and food waste should be cleaned well. Kitchen is a main area to be maintained well. The floor and the cutting table everything must clean and neat. Waste should not keep inside the kitchen. It may be kept out side for disposal. It is a good habit to keep degradable and non degradable wastes separately. This will help the cleaning process well. Food grains vegetables or meat are also should be cleaned before cooking. Now day vegetables are coming with a high amount of insecticide residue. We must clean these in special liquids to neutralise the effect. Vinegar or turmeric with salt solution wash is recommended for this. Every nook and corner of the kitchen should be taken care as it is the making place of our daily food.

Whoever may be cooking in the kitchen must wear a head cover to avoid hair fall. Hands must be washed with soap before cooking. If you have any infectious diseases should try to cook. We keep our kitchens clean by following these.

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