Habit of Cleaning for a Healthy Society

Cleaning is a term highly related to hygiene. Hygiene may be personal hygiene or environmental hygiene. We should form the practice of cleaning from child hood. We spend most of our childhood time in schools. So schools have an important role in planting the habit of cleaning. We should not be ashamed of any type of cleaning. We can prevent lot of infectious diseases with practice of cleaning and hygiene.

Most of us are cautious about personal cleanliness. But we usually forget about cleaning our surroundings. A messy or unclean area will be heaven for pests and other insects which are spreading lot of dieses. Rodent fever, cholera, dengue and plague are some of the fatal dieses spread by these animals or insects.

Personal hygiene includes cleaning of our whole body by washing or bathing. Proper maintenance of clean nails and hand also is important. We eat food with the hands so our hands should be neat and tidy. Now world health organisation is campaigning for hand wash programmes in schools. Lot of countries are taking serious steps towards this direction. We must wash our hands before and after each meal. Clean cloths also important for personal cleanliness. Soap is a good and cheap material for cleaning. It can prevent the growth of bacteria to some extend. Clean and healthy food and drinking water also are important for personal health. The cleanliness will affect our health. So the most important cleaning will start form our self.

As mentioned cleaning is habit to be formed. It should start form our home. Our children must be practiced to be clean and neat always. It gives them confidence, general hygiene and health. Environmental neatness can be developed only by those who have personal cleanliness. Personal and environmental cleanliness is important for making a healthy society.

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