Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning is one of those necessary frustrations about working in a commercial kitchen. After all, chefs and cooks love to focus on making the food, so it’s tempting to shirk certain cleaning duties and only handle the creative side of preparing delicious dishes.But keeping a clean kitchen is no joke. Besides needing to maintain standards for the health inspector in order to keep your doors open, keeping your restaurant kitchen clean means avoiding mice infestations, restaurant fires, and cases of foodborne illness.

A key element to keeping your kitchen clean is to follow each equipment manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, keep track of their warranties, and know what aspects of the maintenance should be left to professionals. Even a boss passionate about sanitation can be overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning that a kitchen staff needs to stay on top of. It’s important to understand when cleaning tasks need to be done and how often in order to properly incorporate them into the heart of your business

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