How to clean your bathroom using white wine vinegar

We all love a sparkling clean bathroom. Scrubbing and rubbing for hours to get it that way, however, is not such a popular pastime! But help is at hand when cleaning your bathroom in the form of a cheap and natural kitchen staple. Welcome to the world of white wine vinegar cleaning.

It might seem strange to think that an ingredient more commonly used in salad dressings can help keep your bathroom gleaming, but there is some serious science behind it. In short, it’s all about the acid. Vinegar is basically a dilute acetic acid solution, which means it can cut through grease, and acts as a mild disinfectant. It can also kill fungus and microbes, so it’s great for combating mildew and mould. It’s even a great descaler – all of which highlights why white wine vinegar for cleaning your bathroom is a smart and sensible choice, especially if you’re keen to avoid using harsh chemicals.

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