4 Tips for Spring Cleaning & Keeping out Pests

When it is time for spring cleaning, it shouldn’t just be about creating a space that looks and feels clean. You should also address issues that may prop up in the future, including pest infestations. So what should you do to clean more effectively and prevent pests from entering your home?

1. Start by De-cluttering
When you de-clutter your home, it will become much easier to clean. Follow these tips when de-cluttering:
• Remove all unwanted items
• If you will need something in the future, box it and put them away
• You can donate many unwanted items
Your home will start looking better in a short time.

2. Get Help from Family or Friends
It is best to get help from friends and family for your spring cleaning. This can help save a lot of time and reduce the amount of effort involved. It will be an excellent strategy to assign cleaning tasks to each individual.

3. Follow the Cleaning Strategy – Top to Bottom
When cleaning your home, it is recommended to start from the top and then move down to the floors. Go from one room to another and clean the ceilings, windows, walls, and then move to the surfaces. Once you have cleaned the ‘top’ in all the rooms, move to the floors.

4. Pest Prevention
When it comes to spring cleaning, it is also important to keep out the pests. Follow these tips to address this factor:
• Prevent Standing Water: Clean all areas where moisture and dampness builds. Moisture attracts pests like mosquitoes. You should especially focus on wiping down and cleaning the sinks and countertops.
• Check the Bedrooms: Bedbugs, moths, and beetles are highly likely to infest areas in the bedroom such as the underside of the bed.
• Check Stored Food: When cleaning the attic or basement, check the stored food for any signs of damage. They may have been damaged by insects. This is important to prevent any contamination that can put your family’s health in hazard.
• Seal All Openings & Cracks: When cleaning your home, check for areas where pests can enter your home. Seal all the cracks in your doors, windows, and siding. Repair any openings in the plumbing or walls.
So follow these tips when spring cleaning your home. It is not just about creating a cleaner space; you should also prevent pests from infesting your home in the future.

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