Kitchen Cleaning That Will Go A Long Way

The kitchen is one of those places around the house where we fear the most to get in and do some serious cleaning. That is because it is where we keep our groceries, our dirty pots and dishes, not to mention the garbage. It is so easy to create a mess in there and so difficult to clean it up. But what if it does not have to be that way?

n under 5 minutes, you can keep your kitchen more than decent, without having to work that hard. The secret? You just act, take care of the essentials, right when you have finished cooking. That way, you keep the sink and the counters clean and shiny. And you will feel inspired to store things at their right place any time you come back – because it is all tidy and you do not want to make a mess again.

Let us just assume that you are not cooking 7 times a week, do you? Maybe you are doing it 2 to 3 times a week, which means you will have to give yourself up to 15 minutes a week to keep things tidy. Then, you can add 1 or 2 other minutes to wipe the garbage can when you are taking it out, once or twice a week. And about 3 minutes to wash your dish rack. You have totalled about 20 minutes of well-invested time in cleaning your kitchen, throughout the whole week!

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